The Idea

The idea was born from Pino Gabriele owner of a restaurant who wanted to overcome the idea of a traditional pizza with a short time of leavening. He started a deep research about the study of the leavening of the dough and all its processes, an examination that brought him to make an innovative, highly digestible and versatile product, easy to prepare.  

The birth of the brand name

The necessity of giving a name to the product was born from the beginning, a name which identified it and its commercial origins. As soon as the brand “LALTRAPIZZA” was born the production starts. Laltrapizza is commercialised in Italy and aboard. 


Laltrapizza is a precooked (prebaked) pizza base made of simple and natural ingredients: water, salt, Italian extra virgin olive oil, sourdough with lactic ferments and a precise mix of flours, wheat, soy, rice.

A new idea of PIZZA

A produce which the consumer recognises and distinguishes from the “common” pizza thanks to its unique flavour and its high digestibility.