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About us

Italian love for the Art of baking has its roots in a past made of authenticity and tradition. Our story springs from those same roots, a constant true source of inspiration for Pino Gabriele and his son Biagio. Everything we bake embodies our passion for traditional artisan method; we combine a strong heritage with fearless creativity and bold innovations to offer delicious taste and unparalleled flavour. After years of testing and research we deliver LALTRAPIZZA, our signature Pizza crust: highly digestible, delicious, with an unmistakable authentic artisanal aroma.

Par-baked Pinsa bases can be stored at ambient temperature for 90 days.

Our Artisans “Mastri Pizzaioli” daily shape and stretch our dough by hand.

Exquisite Pinsa crusts ready to top and bake out of the bag.
Par-baked Pinsa bases can be stored at ambient temperature for 90 days.
LALTRAPIZZA is a unique product made using only the highest quality natural ingredients. The entire Pinsa making process, from dough to packaging, undergoes a strict control to enhance the quality of our products.
You can recognize LALTRAPIZZA quality by eye: the presence of innumerable alveous represents the essence of its lightness which derives from a high hydration of the dough and from the gesture of enlarging the base. The heritage of Italian artistry is baked into every crust: our signature and our promise to customer that they will always have a tasty and genuine Pinsa, crunchy on the outside and soft in the center.

Par-baked pinsa base

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Mediterranea Quality Food SRL

Registred Office:Via F. Turati, 11 – 87028 Praia a Mare (CS) - Italia
Headquarters: Via degli Artigiani - 85040 Nemoli (PZ) Italia  - Pec:
N. REA: CS-233905 | P.I.: 03417090788 | C.F.: 03417090788 | CAP. SOCIALE: 90.000,00€
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