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Managing a pizzeria today is not easy
- Reduce customer waiting times
- Offer a tasty and digestible product
- Equip yourself with professional tools
- Find qualified personnel
Thanks to the pre-cooked dough ready for use, Laltrapizza eliminates the long dough and leaving processes, does not require specialized personnel and professional equipment thus avoiding waste of raw material for inactivity.
The maturation of over 60 hours is lightness and digestibility to the mixture. The conservation in a controlled atmosphere with barrier film guarantees the product in an optimal conservation of 90 days from the refrigerator with the preservation of organoleptic properties unaltered.
Laltrapizza is quick to prepare
LThe pre-cooked bases can be seasoned before or after cooking in an electric oven with a refractory bases or in a ventilated oven, possibly with a grill. The ideal solution for any venue, especially those requiring fast food.
Laltrapizza Professional
It was initially created for Horeca market, to be a support to all those activities than needed to:
- Do not need specialized personnel
- Reduce waiting times
- Avoid wasting raw material
- Have an artisanal but standardized product
Tailor-made, customized line for weights, sizes, formats and packaging designed to measure for the costumer
Tailor-made is the craftsmanship of the pinsa base pre-cooked but tailored for you.
Service designed for the retailer who need a production with high volumes and looking for a customized product for sizes, sizes and packaging.
The Tailor-made line maintains unchanged all the qualities that characterize our pinsa bases: craftsmanship and simple and natural ingredients.
The imperfection of our pinsa base... added value!
Each pinsa base is stretched strictly by hand
We listen to your needs and design solutions. Projects starting from € 6.900 with supply of the oven, halls and exhibition bench.
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