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Are you a restaurant owner?

Professional Line
We offer close collaboration and customized solutions to your company Laltrapizza’s selling points:
  • Does not require any special staff
  • Reduces timescales
  • Reduces waste
  • Offers hand-crafted standardized products
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Par-baked and ready-to-top crusts improve convenience because they don’t require proofing, special staff training or professional equipment; they also enhance production efficiency by reducing bake-times.

The lightness and high-digestibility of our Pinsa dough is the result of a long ripening process of more than 60 hours. Our controlled atmosphere advanced packaging system preserves all sensory properties and guarantees a 90-day shelf life.

Laltrapizza is the perfect solution for those who:

  • Want to start a new business and reduce the costs of investing;
  • Already own a pizzeria and want to reduce overall costs;
  • Work in the food service industry and want to expand and diversify their offering;
  • Distribute Horeca products

Quick-and-easy Pinsa

Load our base up with your favorite toppings and bake it a few minutes either on a baking stone or in the center rack of your oven. Par-baked Pinsa is easy to handle and prepared: it is perfect for busy hospitality venue that need to serve high-quality products quickly.

Don’t know which base to choose?

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We listen to your needs and build your dreams

From euro  6.900 : we provide a commercial oven, a display counter and a saladette counter


Tailor-made, customization options that allow for a tailor weight, size and packaging profiles.
We bring your needs into reality! Tailor-made : your custom-designed artisanal Pinsa base.

Service designed for high-demand, fast-paced operations.

The Tailor-made line maintains all the features connected with our Pinsa: traditional artisan techniques combined with the best natural ingredients we can find.
Our Pinsa’s irregular shape is our signature!
Each pinsa base is stretched strictly by hand


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LALTRAPIZZA can become your partner
right for the growth of your business


Mediterranea Quality Food SRL

Registred Office:Via F. Turati, 11 – 87028 Praia a Mare (CS) - Italia
Headquarters: Via degli Artigiani - 85040 Nemoli (PZ) Italia  - Pec:
N. REA: CS-233905 | P.I.: 03417090788 | C.F.: 03417090788 | CAP. SOCIALE: 90.000,00€
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