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A handmade product that the consumer is able to recognize and distinguish from the common pizza for its unmistakable flavor and for its very high digestibility. the importance of a long maturation.
The term "maturation of dough" means a set of chemical, enzymatic and physical reactions that are fundamental for the preparation and success of a good pizza. Its correct application and proper management guarantee the dough (and subsequently the pizza) a series of advantages in terms of lightness, digestibility, color, leavening and cooking. During maturation, in fact, different processes activing: sugars and proteins are broken down into simple sugars and amino acids, reducing a part of the work of our stomach favoring digestion.
Quality need care and attention
Storage in controlled atmosphere with barrier film guarantees the product an optimal conservation of 90 out of fridge while maintaining the organoleptic properties unaltered. An added value that strengthens uniqueness of the product. The whole process and its phases, kneading, leavening, cooking and packaging are constantly subject to rigorous control to guarantee a result of the highest quality.
Laltrapizza Retail
The 90 days shelf life a room temperature allow us to offer our product also to large-scale distribution and retail guaranteeing:
-Greater ease of storage
-Loss of unsold items
-Reduction of distribution logistical constrains
-Advantages in the sales and after sales channels

Tailor-made, customized line for weights, sizes, formats and packaging designed to measure for the costumer
Tailor-made is the craftsmanship of the pinsa base pre-cooked but tailored for you.
Service designed for large retailers who need a production with high volumes and looking for a customized product for sizes, sizes and packaging.
The Tailor-made line maintains unchanged all the qualities that characterize our pinsa bases: craftsmanship and simple and natural ingredients.
The imperfection of our pinsa base... added value!
Each pinsa base is stretched strictly by hand
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