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€ 1,40 (Vat inc.)
Laltrapizza a casa MINI PINSA OVALE 150g (1 base da 150g)
€ 1,40 (Vat inc.)
€ 1,40 (Vat inc.)

A smaller size to perfectly suits smaller ovens. An excellent choice to enjoy a mouthwatering irresistible appetizer or an exquisite single-serve meal.
ur handcrafted pinsa base is quick and easy to prepare: bake it a few minutes to develop its crustiness on the outside, its softness in the center and its rich artisanal aroma.
Our special controlled atmosphere packaging system assures locked-in freshness and the optimal preservation of all sensory properties along with a long advantageous shelf life of 90 days.

Set your oven to 250°, top our bubbly crusts with your favourite ingredients, bake 5 minutes on the center rack or a baking stone. Do not bake on a baking tray.



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