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Ripening. Controlled temperature dough ripening is a set of enzymatic processes that progressively break down more complex structures, like proteins and sugars, into simpler elements, therefore helping the stomach with digestion.


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Par-baked pinsa base

How to make

Our story


Our founder Pino Gabriele, a passionate and curious restaurant owner, has always experimented with the pizza making process to develop superior artisan baked goods. He enthusiastically studied dough ripening and after years of testing and research he delivered a groundbreaking product. We pride ourselves on producing delicious part-baked pizza bases of exceptional quality, utilizing time-honoured techniques and an original long natural leavening process of more than 60 hours. This unique combination of art and science makes our hand-crafted pizza crusts tasty, light and highly digestible.

Our mission


We bake it easy. We enable Horeca professionals to put a fresh, exquisite and high-quality Pinsa in the hands of customers quickly, obviating the need for dough preparation and for special staff training. Our hand-crafted Pinsa and Pizza crusts are also meant for the large retail trade industry: retail companies have successfully tapped into the consumer desire for premium artisanal heat and eat baked products. We use only the highest quality ingredients with passion, integrity, innovation and authenticity to make it possible for everyone to enjoy a hot baked, flavorful Italian pizza whenever they want.

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Mediterranea Quality Food SRL

Registred Office:Via F. Turati, 11 – 87028 Praia a Mare (CS) - Italia
Headquarters: Via degli Artigiani - 85040 Nemoli (PZ) Italia  - Pec:
N. REA: CS-233905 | P.I.: 03417090788 | C.F.: 03417090788 | CAP. SOCIALE: 90.000,00€
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